Our projects


Schooling Project

The basis of our project is to sponsor as many children as possible for primary education

We want to guarantee high quality education from the beginning by providing early childhood education. We sponsor children as of the age of 4 in Arusha.

We personally choose the schools that teach their classes in English and for the values they instil in their students.

In Tanzania, only primary education is free, however it is neither easy nor cheap to take a child to school. For a child to be admitted s/he must wear uniform and shoes, purchase all school materials and books and face the compulsory payment of various fees such as admission fee, exams, etc. A large number of families in the suburbs cannot afford it.

The basis of our project is to educate as many children as possible, attending first the most urgent cases, such as those who have been abandoned by their parents and live on the street.

On May 9, 2016, we started schooling three children, Heaven, Agape and Karim. Two of them were abandoned by their families and we looked for a host family near the school.

In July 2017 we enrolled Nadia of 4 years and in January 2018 Sabrina of 3 years. We also changed the life of Mary, 4 years old, schooled in May 2019 and of Bahati, age 5, who entered the school in July 2019. Thanks to continuous contributions, the number of children in school has been growing.

Cost per child for 01 year schooling: USD 48 per month - Early Childhood Education from 3 to 6 years / USD 56 per month - Primary from 6 to 12 years / USD 65 per month - Secondary from 12 to 16 years. Included in the cost is the uniform, shoes, and school transportation.





Support Huruma Orphanage

We want to help them meet their basic needs and help improve their quality of life

During our stay in Arusha in June 2016 we had the opportunity to visit Huruma Orphanage, a small center with 15 young children (ages between 2 and 12), attended by personnel who takes care of them in a totally altruistic way, without receiving any kind of governmental help.

Imaniworld has been able to see the reality in which today 32 children live and their precarious situation. We want to help them meet their basic needs and contribute to improving their quality of life.

On our first visit, Huruma needed running water, electricity, toilets, a kitchen, etc. Some of these basic needs, such as the electrical installation and the kitchen have been covered thanks to donations but we still have a long way to go. Want to join us? A chain of hands intertwined can change the future of Noel, Galgano, Mina, Noela, Jeremiah, Rebeka, Daniel, Martin, Walter, Shedrack, Lovenes, Nasima, Sila, Sara, Enoshi…





Nutrition Project

Having access to a healthy and balanced diet is fundamental

With this project we contribute to improve the nutrition of the children of the Huruma orphanage, offering them a daily meal.



Big Cow Solidarity

The objective is to buy a dairy cow, which can give at least one glass of milk every day to all children

This new project was born after our visit to the Orphanage of Huruma.

The objective of the project: "Big Cow Solidarity" is to buy a dairy cow that can provide at least one glass of milk every day to all children. This way they can be self-sufficient and be able to provide, at least once a day, some kind of safe food.

In June 2017 we were able to buy the dairy cow and take it to Huruma.

Cost of the cow: 800 USD


Being supportive has its spark

Our goal is to install electricity or solar panels in Huruma

Electricity is the basis of basic rights such as adequate food, health, decent housing and education. We want to contribute so that Huruma is a home for these children.

Installation cost: 200 USD


Build Solidarity

Our goal is to build bathrooms and showers for the Huruma orphanage

Due to the poor state of health facilities in the Huruma orphanage, it runs the risk of being closed within a year. Help us to prevent 22 children from being left homeless.

Fund needed: 4.250USD


New Land

By the end of 2022 we must find a new land for Huruma

The current location of Huruma Orphanage had been a donation, unfortunatly the owners are now claiming the land back and we must find a new terrain nearby and start from fresh.

Fund needed: 9.900USD


New Start

Now that we have a new land of 111m2, we must help Huruma build a great new orphanage

It is time to build a new home starting from scratch and the maing needs are: new dormitories for the boys and girls; common living areas for playing and stuying, dinning room, large independent bathrooms for boys and girls, separate kitchen building, laundry room, storage room, barn, etc.

Fund needed: 48.000USD (construction only)